Nov 062001

Although I wrote in my journal yesterday on the 5th of November, I feel I haven’t been here for a while – a long time, and it has only been so many hours since I have last written. LOL Time does not always have a factor in my life I guess. Whatever time I do have on this pleasant earth, time is not a major factor of my life unless I am going somewhere special or needing to be somewhere in life. Hours that pass away from me does not always matter even though in an hour I have to be somewhere for a couple of hours. On the weekends, although this not a weekend day, I can be on my computer surfing the Internet or writing something for myself, for hours on end without realizing it. Literally I have been on the computer now for an hour and a half just surfing away and enjoying my time whilel my cat cat naps only a few feet from me. It just feels like i haven’t been here for a while – more than just hours ago. Time has somewhat relaosed to the far reaches of my mind and was forgotten. Remember when I said that my cat was catnapping only a few feet away from me? Well, I was wrong. She had just walked into the room from being in the kitchen nibbling on some of her lunch. LOL. And I thought she was napping. I don’t have my ears turned on as I sit here in quietness of my apartment just reading the letters and words run across the screen as I write and my thoughts are on the next thing.

  One Response to “I Feel Like I Haven’t Been Here For a While…”

  1. i know what you mean about the net, it’s a time sucker

    hey thanks for your really lovely comment today, it really touched my heart

    all the very best with your own writings

    *hugs* and God bless


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