www.incredimail.com & Webshots

I have a program on my computer called Incredimail. It works with Wind0ws 98 and higher, and you will have to look to double check if it works for Windows 95 or lower. I know there are some people yet who have Windows 95 on their computers and that’s okay…

I recommend IncrediMail to others…if you are interested.


ENJOY! I am!

Also you have to look at Webshots…at www.webshots.com. If the URL is incorrect, sorry about that.

Nothing Special…

I am not here to write about anything special today. I was hoping to be here yesterday but in the afternoon here it got stormy and it practically rained from afternoon until this morning. I practically shot my yesterday morning watching television and when I REALLY WANTED to get on line, I couldn’t because it was storming and I don’t like to be on the computer when it is stormy. I actually fell asleep to the rain and thunder claps that rolled over my head and away. Today looks a little better comparing to yesterday’s weather. I literally see blue and white out there instead of cloudy and gray. I wonder what my day is going to be like all day. Better than yesterday…I hope.