Today is not a terrible day for October 17th. As a matter of factl it is just a little cool outdoors and nothing else. The sun is shining and it is pleasant enough without too much sweater on. It is getting a little nippy outdoors now with winter on its way just around the corner, but it is pleasant enough at least. When we had the fire dirll this afternoon, at 2 p.m. I had intentions of grabbing my light jacket that is on the chair in the kitchen, but as quickly as I did not think, I did not grab it when I walked out the door. I did noto even get Emilee prepared for the fire drill. I left my door unlocked and Emilee inside. A little absent minded I think.

I am having a good day all day. I was not looking forward to the fire drill exactly but it was needed and it was done, and I did not fret about it. We need, even though we don’t care for some things, have to take precautions and have particular drills now and then for safety sake and understanding of what to do. Now I have a feeling that a lot of the neighbors in the building will be talking about the fire drill until their blue in the face. Gossip and talk goes around like rapid fire around this building I live in.

First Fire Drill Here…

I have been through fire drills before as a young girl during my elementary, middle, and high school days, but for some reason, it was a first time ever for the building I live in for the past four years now. Being a fire monitor for my end of the apartment on the third floor I failed already because of my neighbors got downstairs when it was time for us to go back in to have a talk with the fire safety officer. I felt awful but no one held it against me. That will never happen again, I tell you…believe me. It was embarrassing. When a real fire occurs, I am going to be more cautious…if I am in my right mind then…it was totally embarrassing I tell ya.

Well, anyway, despite the participation of a couple of people, we made it record time outdoors – 1 minute & 45 seconds. That was pretty good…except for the fact that my neighbor did not get outdoors.