Starting October 2001

It seems impossible that October is soon to arrive – next Monday! Wow!! I can not believe it. As off October 1, 2001, my writing is going to change once again and I am going to do my best to write in my journal everyday and I will try to find something to write about. October is a very awkward month for me because my grandma died four years ago October 1st, and sometimes I miss her terribly. I think I am going to begin writing a memory book regarding the wonderful and not so wonderful memories of my grandma and I when I was a child. I will not share my memories on the Dear Diary because some things are left better unknown to the world and maybe someday, unless Christ comes first, I will be a writer for the people of the world. Writing is one of my favorite things to do and sometimes writing in diary or journal is not my thing – depending on my day.

Well, it is getting fairly late here, and I know it is only a little after 8 p.m. here, but I need to take care of a couple of things before it gets any later and the Internet will be here tomorrow and always. I have to run now. Bye for now…

My Thursday

My day went very well. I had company in the early part of the afternoon and one of my neighbors visited me for a few minutes because I was in need to have a dress hemmed up for my weekend at church, and having three other people – sometimes four – in my home visiting, it can be fairly crowded in my four room apartment here, but the more the merrier sometimes.

Well today I am looking forward to my Friday – which will begin in a short while for me. I am looking forward to my Saturday as well! I am looking forward to a good weekend altogether.