I hope people don’t mind me writing and saying a prayer, and having others read the prayer I have prayed regarding the nations tragedy.

Dear Lord,

Circumstances have occurred on Tuesday and my heart is broken to have seen and heard such tragedy. My prayers go to the loved ones silently as I sit and watch the coverage on the television. The US is under great sorrow and this great sorrow is greater than the sorrow of the assassination of President Kennedy in the 60s. I am only a thirty-one year old woman who deals with personal problems and issues of her own at times more than she would really want to. Having my problems and issues set aside for a while makes me realize that the world does not just evolve around me. I love helping people when I can and able and I personally wish I could help those people who have been tragically killed. All I can do is praye, lord. Financially and physically I am unable to help other people other than pray. My heart goes out to all those people who have lost their lives unexpectedly and so tragically.

Lord, I am asking, with all my aching heart and what is left of the non-pained heart, please find peace and comfort for those who now have lost their loved ones. Peace and security is most needed right now, Lord, no doubt and I know you are the only person who can give it to them through faith, courage, understanding, and love.

Love Always In Christ Jesus,


A Personal Thought

I don’t know how long this entry at this hour of noon will be. With my journalling, time is a factor unknown. Sometimes I can go on and on forever and say what I want to say and time is no factor on certain days. I can tell you one thing – after Tuesday’s tragedy, thoughts are whirling in my head of all those people gone/dead/missing. I hope they find out who did this by finding out who was behind this big mess. The government is doing their best and I am forever grateful to the government. A lot of hearts, even though I hae repeated this, have been broken and the nation is under mourning because of this horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to all who have loved ones who are gone/missing…etc…

My heart is still aching and a heavy burden of loss for the families who have lost loved ones is still beating. Sadness is in my thoughts as I continue to watch the coverage of the tragedy. Lives are lost = no thanks to the terrorists.

Keep the coverage coming – good or bad – and I will be listening along with the rest of the nation.