Didn’t Sit Around

Today, actually, all weekend, I had planned to take it easy and not clean house until Tuesday. As it turned out, I got kind of in a “want to” cleaning phase. I ended up cleaning my counters, stove, did the dishes, and began working on my coffee table that is between kitchen and living room. I got into a cleaning frenzy this afternoon I guess, huh? Never felt that way before…really…

What is Time?

On September 2, I was on the computer for four hours, and I was not intending to be on that long. I had lost track of time…LOL I had gotten really involved on the Internet looking around and seeing what I could do to update my Dear Diary pages for others to read. I was getting bored with the old, plain look, and I needed a change. We need a change now and then to make us feel better don’t we?

I have noticed, even though Dear Diary has already clocked in September 3, it is still September 2 according to man-made time (watches, clocks, time pieces). It is only 8:30 p.m. Sunday night here and nothing much is going on, so I thought I would get on line again and see if I would forget about the time. Really can’t do that because I am so used to going to bed at a decent hour and I love to cuddle with my cat Emilee (real cat). I could care less about time sometimes anyway. Time does not always have a factor in my life. Does it you?-a factor in your life? What is time?