Final Thoughts Of September

I am not dreading the coming of October whastoever. It is just the fact that my Grandma Fox passed away a short time before 1 a.m. on October 1, 1997 – a day short of her 78th birthday. I have wonderful memories of my grandma stored in my never overflowing memory bank of my brain. Memories are stored in my heart and mind forever. It is such a joy to have memories stored in memory of my mind because then I can share my memories with other people and friends, and most of my family. Even though my grandma has been gone for four years this coming October 1, 2001, I have not lost any of the wonderous times we’ve shared together as grandmother/granddaughter. Even today, oddly enough, the not so good memories that were shared between us, are no longer as bad as they once were. Just a lesson learned in every bad memory I guess. Now a days that is possibly agreeable. Who knows the answer to that one? “SMILE”

On October 1, I would like to dedicate the day to the memories I have of my grandmother. Not all can be shared as there is so much to write but I think I can squeeze in a couple or more memories of my grandma in on October 1 somewhere in the day. I don’t have a busy schedule on Monday away from home much but I do have a couple of needed errands to run to start out my day early. I’m going to be helping a friend by being her support at the doctor’s office, and then my friend is going to take my grocery shopping near here. Need food around this place…I’m on a diet and I need good food and of course a few snacks there somewhere hidden. I am not failing to lose weight – I think I am winning this weight fight I do have FINALLY.

Lets take a look at September at a glance. So much has happened and in so little of time. We had that national tragedy in Washington D.C. and New York City, and Pennsylvania. That happened on September 11th. That day, hearing of the tragedy really pulled at my heart strings and numbness occurred for a short time of two days. Somewhat I am still questioning some things, but all I can do is pray because I can not give blood due to a pre-existing condition, I don’t have a lot of money to give to people. I know that a dollar or two does add up, but sometimes I don’t have that. My church is doing everything possible to help the victim’s and the victims’ families as much as we can as a church/spiritual family. I do have to admit that the coverage is still being talked about and I try not to get too emotional, but it is hard sometimes depending on the pictures I see on the television screen and what I imagine in my mind from someone else’s telling of a story. I was literally thinking of not going to see family for the holidays but that has been decided upon self that I will go because I want to see my grandpa who has Alzheimer’s Disease and he would, if he was in his right mind, be proud of my decision to be with family. Now I have that feeling that is an obligation to pay back everything I Can back to my grandfather by giving something he always gave me – Love and Understanding, and most of all, knowledge of a fine person I am and can be – and sometimes am not. “SMILE” Memories of him too.

I feel that I have rambled on and on and on here. Before it gets any longer, I better go for now and get back here on October 1, 2001 – the day I would like to dedicate to my Grandma Fox. I hope everyone has a good week now. God blless yoou all!

Starting October 2001

It seems impossible that October is soon to arrive – next Monday! Wow!! I can not believe it. As off October 1, 2001, my writing is going to change once again and I am going to do my best to write in my journal everyday and I will try to find something to write about. October is a very awkward month for me because my grandma died four years ago October 1st, and sometimes I miss her terribly. I think I am going to begin writing a memory book regarding the wonderful and not so wonderful memories of my grandma and I when I was a child. I will not share my memories on the Dear Diary because some things are left better unknown to the world and maybe someday, unless Christ comes first, I will be a writer for the people of the world. Writing is one of my favorite things to do and sometimes writing in diary or journal is not my thing – depending on my day.

Well, it is getting fairly late here, and I know it is only a little after 8 p.m. here, but I need to take care of a couple of things before it gets any later and the Internet will be here tomorrow and always. I have to run now. Bye for now…