Age 89 Today

Today my grandpa, a man with Alzhiemer’s Disease, is 89 years old. Oh, my heart wishes that he would remember what today is…my grandpa’s birthday. My heart wishes for a lot and yet my heart knows that he will never remember special occasions or dates again now that he has AD. I guess, with my heart remembering such a fine man, can remember such a day as my grandpa’s 89th birthday within the heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDPA!

July 16

It is truely still July 16 according to time here in Wisconsin, but truly after the sun sets for the evening a new day has begun. IKt is 9:30 p.m. here in Wisconsin and I am ready for bed now. I have a few days ahead of me of excitement and joy, and I am definitely surely going to be very very busy. Another week without writing in my journal here until next week sometime. I will aim to be back on Monday sometime for sure. I won’t be by my computer for the next few days and so I will not have a chance to be writing much of anything really. I will be in and out and gone a lot having fun.