Good Morning!

It is not yet 9 a.m. in the morning here in Wisconsin where I live, but that’s okay. It isi not looking the greatest outdoors where the sun should be, but that’s okay, too. We have had some bad heat these past few days and the last couple of days have been fairly cool. That puts a break on the AC around here for a while.

I am usually not writing in my journal here on a Saturday because Saturday is Sabbath for me but I have been a little irregular with my journaling here at Dear Diary. I am not going to make any promises on having August be a better “writing” month right now because if I make a promise and break it, I will be very disappointed in myself. That is why I don’t make New Year Resolutions anymore. LOL The only New Year Resolutions I make is the ones I make on an emotional basis in life and I have definitely grown up emotionally…at least I think so. These past three weeks I have grown up some, I think. LOL

Since it is Sabbath for me, I am going to sign off for now. I will try to be back tomorrow if not later today.

My Journaling

It seems that summer is definitely been busy for me…very busy. I was gone for a total of fourteen days in June and four in July, and August looks like I am going to be home most of the time. I feel I have been gone most of the summer even though the dates of my being gone was not one lump sum total. August looks like a good time to rest and finally go job hunting with the help of DVR and Job Services in my city.

Today the weather is very gray outdoors. It has been very very hot and it is not easy to go outdoors to enjoy the weather. Today, with it looking like it is overcast and kind of gray anyway, is not a good day altogether regarding the weather. I have been in my apartment here with the AC on and keeping cool and comfortable.

Well, I am expecting a phone call this afternoon – a couple of them actually, so I am going to sign off for now.