Maybe I am blue because….

tomorrow, the 3rd of July is my 31st birthday and no one in my family is here to help celebrate my birthday. Maybe I am blue because I have the worst thing a woman goes through each month. Maybe I am blue because I am full of anxiety right now about some past issues. Maybe I am blue because I am just sitting at home bored to death laying around and sleeping all the time. Maybe I am going through a slight depression. Now that idea does sound stinky. What a life I am living today. I don’t feel much like visiting and talking to people today and that is kinda sad…don’t you think? I hate my life sometimes, but happiness does not always play now does it? I will get through this, I know I will. Have many times before.

Oh My Feeling Blue

I am not here to write about me being blue today to get sympathy or a hug from anyone. I am feeling blue today and I can not explain why, and if I tried to explain why, I would probably become more blue and feeling more miserable. I get down easily sometimes for no reason and this one those no reason kind of moods. I bet a lot of women here can relate though.

Even though my entry is short today, I at least wrote something. I do have to go now. Bye for now.