I want to thank the people here at Dear Diary for reading my journal entries. As soon as June hits, I shall be back more often and write. The month of April and May have been nothing but busy and somewhat long. I am looking forward to my weekend coming so I can write in my journal here more often…no matter how boring of my day I should write a little something. Thanks gang!!!


Today is not an ordinary Monday…today is a Monday that falls on a weekend because of Memorial Day. Yes, Mondays!! Today is confusing somewhat. I am so used to having a two day weekend where a Monday is not a holiday kind of day. It is amazing!!! I am confused today. I thought today was the 29th of May when tomorrow, Tuesday is the 29th of May! When Monday is a holiday day I feel that my weekend is terribly long and a bore somewhat. Mondays!!! I don’t exactly hate them like Garfield…that’s for sure. Today just makes the weekend a long one.