Sometimes People Clash

TOday was one of those days. My friend Kathy, who used to be my roommate four years ago, and I just clashed today big time. She acted like a person with an attitude – it wasn’t like her at all to me. I kind of feel sorry for her today. We went bowling and today she really wanted to win the two games we played, but we lost…it just wasn’t in me to win or lose. I was there to play the game for fun. This week wssn’t for fun with her. She wanted to win. Just todoay was not one of her good days. we clashed big time today!!!

Now we are back home in our respectable places – her trailer home and my apartment. Distance is what is keeping us apart right now. It was just her “Not so good” day maybe. I don’t hold it against her, but she was irritating me slightly today. Now we are both home and cooling off. Thank goodness for distance.

April 9, 2001 – Monday

I have been very busy lately. I have been unable to write in my journal lately because of time, and being out a lot lately. It is Spring now and I am trying to enjoy the weather as much as I can. This past weekend, now one day after, I was definitely busy doing things. I saw my parents on Saturday for a couple of hours, and then as soon as I got home, I was gone again even though it was two hours after arriving home. Because Spring is here and the weather is warming up enough for thunderstorms, we have a nice thunderstorm last Thursday afternoon and early evening, and Saturday we had high winds causing damage to property. Our building, where I live today, had shingles from the roof get blown off, and the garage door was damaged by the wind creating a big hole, and the door to the inside of the garage was blown open, and the cardboard recycle container rolled from its spot until it got caught in the grass – almost damaging the cars by it! The wind was awful. Yesterday I spent the day resting and relaxing and not caring about anything in the world for a while – although I did care for my friends and family. Today begins a new day for me. Did some cleaning. I know tomorrow will be busy for me as well. This whole month of April will be busy for me – even May will be busy for me, I think…

I feel I have neglected my journaling here lately…but I know it is because I have been busy and I have a life beyond my writing and surfing the net, reading, and television. Have I been neglecting my journaling? According to the dates of April I haven’t written, yes, but no to the fact that I’ve been busy.