Just an Ordinary Day

Some days are just ordinary for me. Not exactly boring or busy. It has been one of those days today. I had an appointment this afternoon but my appointment is sick today – the lady who was going to see me. I have a potluck to go to tonight so I have something to fall back on so my day is not quite boring exactly. Well – actually I don’t have to go to the potluck, but I feel that canceling out now would be a bad idea. The weather has been nice yesterday and it is the same today, but the potluck is going to be indoors unless plans of being outdoors have changed by the time I get there. My friend Kathy invited me personally last week when she was here working for a neighbor of mine. Since the potluck is tonight I will not cancel at the last minute. Today is just an ordinary day for me. Just plain ordinary day! I can not wait until the summer after my cataract surgeries are over with. My life will be a little different…hopefully. Who knows. I sure don’t know too much of my future. I will write more later if I have something more to say but right now I am heading off somewhere on the Internet and I am out of words now. LOL Me…out of words? That happens! Bye for now.

12:08 p.m.

It has been a quiet hour now and it is time for me to get ready for my day since I am still in my pajamas and being a lazy girl. LOL I am going to get myself ready for my day now, do some reading, and get back to writing in my journal later tonight if I find the time or care to. It is one of those ordinary days for me today…not boring or too busy right now. A nice warm bath will do me justice in a while. I hope.

Kind of Upset Here

I got a call from my friend Kathy because she can not make it to bowling today. She sprained one of her ankles yesterday (or over the weekend). I do feel bad that she sprained her ankle, but the attitude she had was a little out of the ordinary (something I can not handle very well). She wants one of her cake pans that happen to be at my house, that she brought over, and now she wants it before tomorrow so she can make a cake. She does not even have a 9″13″ cake pan! Now she is going to call a friend of hers to come get it tonight, and I am not too happy about it. I am very careful about who comes and goes from my place and I don’t want the wrong people hanging around here. Oh, I don’t think Kathy would send someone over here that would later bother me day after day after first visit, but I am not sure of her friend having friends of hers following her about and bothering me. Do you see my point? Knowing that I go in circles sometimes, I probably confused someone here. LOL I hope I didn’t! So I am a little upset right now and had to write about my thoughts and feelings even though I am usually very careful. You have to very careful now a days…that’s for sure! —-1:26 p