Out of sync?

I feel I am gotten out of sync with my writing, but I have been busy and tired lately again. I have just gotten over the worst part of an ear infection yesterday, and this week has been busy so far. Really it is March 28, 2001 yet for me as it is a different time with Dear Diary here. I think, according to DD, it is three hours into the night now and it is only after nine here. No problem…just noticed it last week.

Ever since I became a member here at DD, I have enjoyed being here and reading other journal entries. I love it here.

I will get back to my writing of my story next week.

March 26, 2001

Even though it says at Dear Diary that it is the 27th now, it is only the 26th for me yet for another three hours according to manmade time. Sometimes my world seems a fast one, and when I want to write in my journal here, I don’t have the time or it is too late. LOL That is not unusual for me now and then.

Today has been a quiet day to some degree… Not much to say. Been tired. Sorry today is so boring. LOL Have those days too where i don’t have anything to say.