The End of My Day

As my day continued, can’t argue how my day started and is now about to end.  I have so much to say, but time is late.  Sometimes I wish we had time in a day, but God has made what time we have today the way we see time. I will get to writing more soon.

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I Am Doing MY Best

Another day has come, and now it’s time to write in my journal about my day. I had awakened at 5 AM to the sound of my neighbor above me. He seems to be my alarm clock before 6 AM. I wanted to sleep until 6:45 AM, but the neighbor’s seeing-eye dog wants to play fetch. The dog is a large black lab. His running back and forth sounds like he’s about to come into my apartment – fall from the second floor into my apartment. Being able to sleep in hasn’t happened in a long time. I wanted to sleep in until 6:45 PM, but the noise above me kept me up. I was a little frustrated. I called management to explain my case about the dog wanting to play between 5 AM – 8 AM, and she understood my reasons why it bothers me during those hours. I am trying to sleep in a little bit before beginning my day by 7 AM. The manager said that she would be speaking to the tenant again – for the third time I’ve mentioned it to her.

I understand that his seeing-eye dog is still a puppy in age and more massive than his first seeing-eye was. Angus and Addie are the same breed — black lab. Addie retired last year I’ve seen his paws. They are big! Dialysis makes me tired and weak for a few hours, and I need to rest in bed to feel strong. Dialysis can take a lot out of a person, yet it saves lives from kidney failure. I have been doing dialysis for a year and three months now. Do I have a logical excuse to be annoyed in the early morning? Noises carry in the building.

Another thing was about a tenant I have not seen for several weeks. The manager told me that he passed away in April. I don’t remember that the tenant on the third floor had passed away. I am behind the times when it comes to tenants coming and going from here. I am behind the times. Being cooped up in an apartment to be safe from getting sick with the Coronavirus will help a person. DKF said she told me, but I do not remember mentioning that HC passed away in April. A lot was going on from March to the present day. That can be a little frustrating – not remembering!!

As the Coronavirus finds its way to affect as many people it can, I am still doing what it is right and safe. I am still in quarantine. I go to dialysis and back home again, I stay in my apartment on my non-dialysis days, and I wear a mask when I exit my apartment. Today I picked up my groceries at Festival Foods. Now, not tonight, though, I have to get caught up on my Bible devotions during the week. I am retiring to bed for the night here shortly. I am getting tired and ready for an eight-hour-long nap. Yep, tired.

I admit that some things in my world still confuse me, and I do not understand or care to understand. My mind is on a whole different prize, and I have wanted to write about it for a blog piece. It is about spirituality – my faith in God, and it is necessary to write it. I am one imperfect person, and I want to prove it with the right words. My blogs have to be perfect – as perfect as I can get them. I have to sit at my computer/laptop for a while when I have the strength and need to write like I am doing today.

Time for me to shut and lock up the shop for the night and give my brain a rest. Good night and God bless from Wisconsin, which happens to be one of the states forbidden to go anywhere unless we quarantine for fourteen days in the states that are recorded high with the Coronavirus. Tomorrow begins a new week of dialysis treatment three times a week.

Movie Day

I have spent the day watching the Twilight Saga on the Roku channel.  Yep, I watched all five movies.  Now, in my bedroom, I am watching The First 48 for a while before sleeping for the night.  It has been a tranquil day.  No interruptions.  I’ve had worship with KB and TB tonight, talked to my mom for a few minutes.  At 8 PM CST, I am ready to close the shop for the night and go to sleep.  It was a good, relaxing day.  Good night and God bless.

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