It started well

The days before new year were an absolute trainwreck, the last weeks hurted like a bitch, there was some serious growth, 2020 was dramatic till the end of it, and the drama is no near to be over, it has come to my attention, finally, that I am in fact, still a child, I still need to procede with caution, I need to take thing with much more seriousness, both in my work and in my personal life.

So this year resolution is, first of all:

-Take it easy on the drugs, they are super fun but also super dangerous, and it seems like much more one thing than the other

-Charge what I gotta charge Im good at my job, I will respect it more

-Dont fall in love with the first person that gaves you a little attention

-Measure my words, you are not as likeable as you may think

Its currently 4.15 am and I cannot sleep, and it felt like I needed to write this down so when Im lost I could came back and read it, I sure missed some spots but this is it for now.

Merry 2021 everyone. Lots of love.