So far the worst month

December’s a bitch. Who’s with me ?

I think the reason why december kind of sucks is because: one, capitalism at it’s finest; two, you get to look back at the year and see how well you did, and althrough I though that I did kind of decent, you know considering we are living in A FUKING PANDEMIC gues who was really fucking wrong


well well well, the lack of characted development this year really stands out, I guess i could say im doing shitty in everything except my work, in that subject I get A+, kudos for moi. but besides, I must say, im not a great friend, the lack of romance was ASTOUNDING (I broke up with my ex to be with someone who was a -10) , Im for sure not as pretty as last year, and I certanly haven’t done anything worth of not even a pat in my head

As Im writing this, I can tell this was sure a hard arc of my life, perhaps the worst i’ve had so far, seems that the solar eclipse did it’s thing… Rechapting the year is ending, Im not in my best moment, but Im sure young, and Im willing to do a hell of a growth next year