I guess you never really can trust the people

It may be cliché, but its kind of true, why does mens always end up being shitty friends?

So there’s this guy, whom I share alot of nice experiences with and alot of nice memories, most of them were not party-invilved, some of them were, anyways that guy became my best friend so far, in a pandemic context, we still saw and hang out with eachother, and I swear to the great universe it was not romantic, we were legitimatly best friends, but the that happend.

One day we woke up after a party cuddling, “this is nice” I throught to myself “no weird at all, we are just in a cuddle mood” BUT THEN HE KISSED ME! (this is starting to look like a YA novel, sorry bc of that) I didn’t know what to say or what to feel, we are both young adults so we ended up hooking up, wrong idea because my f- pisces ass ended up getting really confused about it.

Fastfoward to that event, a month later I still couldn’t made up my mind, so I didn’t got the red flags, if there is a thing like “friends reds flags”, t like the facts that when we introduced each other to new people I was just another friend, or the fact that I never really seem to fit in his stories, or when we took mushrooms toghether and I was really thankfull for a friend like him and he vas just living the experience.

And that was until halloween this year, I blacked out, totally blacked out, there’s no memory of that night no me, after 3am, we went togheter, and he didn’t care I guess, that his best girl friend passed out and some random unknown guy went to bed with her (me, hi); I don’t have a clue of what happened there, and honestly I don’t know if I want to know, but one thing I know, i would never, EVER would left a friend alone in that state, and if I did, at least I would try to check on her now and then, because we know where im trying to get here. I dont recall anything that happend that night, it’s better for me not to know, and I know Im responsable to watch out what Im drinking, but aren’t friends there for protecting you when this kind of stuff happens?

The dissapointment that I get from this event is tearing our friendship apart, I’m no longer confused about the little crush I got, I could never be with someone who didn’t watch out for me.

2 thoughts on “I guess you never really can trust the people”

  1. I sincerely don’t think that fellow is your friend because, yes, friends take care of each other. If you blacked out, and no one helped you, then you may have been drugged. Please be well and safe <3

    1. Thanks for your comment alot
      From now on, Im trying to keep distance from him
      I’ll keep myself safe from now on !

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