It’s a start.

Somehow, I started writing a blog because I wanted to try this.
I’m a little worried if it’s done well.
But it’s a bit exciting to start something new.
I would like to be able to write down my daily hobbies and my favorite hobbies little by little.

Recently, the weather is bad, so I don’t feel so much.
You should be careful because it is possible to get sick if there are suddenly cold days in the morning with only a warm temperature.
By the way, it seems that this morning’s news has lifted the ban on holidays in Japan (Tokyo).
It seems that more and more people will use transportation such as airplanes. It just feels like a long and short thing.

I haven’t planned to go anywhere for a while, so I’ll leave it at home and keep it at home.
There are quite a few anime that I have collected, so it’s fun to spend a while.
I feel like I’m thinking of going to a walk in the park nearby in the evening if I feel like it.
I wish my everyday life would return soon~ How many decades have I been at home?
I will update it again.