Winter is coming.

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Aug 312020

I live at over a mile in elevation, on the high prairie of Colorado. Tonight the first snows will appear on the mountains.

After weeks and weeks of high heat, finally the air coming into my room this morning was cold enough for me to pull something over me to sleep.

My firewood for this year is stacked against the back fence, where I put it earlier this year to dry. Now I have two and a half cords to bring in to the wood shed to join the cord or so that is already there. I am hoping it will be enough to get us through this winter, because I don’t have it in me to cut and split more.

I feel the pressure to get ready for winter. I still haven’t fixed the huge winterizing flaws in this house from the last few winters. I have to put the gardens to bed, and cover the ones we are trying to save through the first few frosts.

Next week is three years that I have been pretty ill with a post-surgical infection. I’m taking care of my disabled and infirm adopted Momma. I’m doing better than I have been – two years ago I could hardly get out of bed.

I still keep going. But it feels like a lot. A whole fucking lot.

Why I’m here:

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Aug 312020

Shit this is a hard time. I need somewhere to connect with people in relative anonymity – or at least within the comfort of friends who I trust with my most blatant thoughts. Looking forward to having a diary again after a long time without.

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