Welcome… to Girl Online :)

Hello everyone… Welcome to Girl Online. This is my own personal diary for me and for all. I am a young girl of 18 years of age. I live with my Mom, Dad and younger Brother. I suffer with severe depression, anxiety and a few other things. I decided that doing this might help me get things off my chest without people knowing in my family. I know its a long shot but I may aswell try and get my mind off a few things. I want this to be personal but open the things I write will be for me to look back on.

So to anyone who would like to know a few little secrets about me then here is your place, but don’t forget what i say is personal and it comes from my mind and heart. I also want to let people know that this may be really triggering to some people so it’s best to make sure you know your limits and what can and can’t trigger you. I don’t want to put other peoples mental health at risk.

So this is my little introduction to me and my life… I hope you all enjoy…

Girl Online… Going Offline till tomorrow xoxo

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  1. Welcone to DearDiary.Net!

    Give us a yell if you need anything.
    Great customization by the way – I’ve not seen anything like it before!

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