Games and a new toy

The Gwilks invited me round for lunch with some friends of theirs (who included Gaby, who I remembered from the Chick Flicks group), followed (of course) by board games.  We spent a very enjoyable afternoon playing a wide assortment of games, most of which I’d never encountered before.  I won once, came absolutely last once, and the rest of the time came somewhere in the middle, so I felt I acquitted myself quite respectably, considering the others are all serious board-gamers.  The others had to leave mid-afternoon, to retrieve kids from sports and other Saturday afternoon type tasks, but the Gwilks invited me to stay on for dinner (to which I contributed the plate of leftover dumplings I’d brought home from last night’s lesson, which mini-Gwilk was sent to retrieve from my fridge (it’s handy that they just live round the corner from me!)), and another couple of games, plus the obligatory guided tour of mini-Gwilk’s Minecraft world (I think pretty much every child I know over the age of five has now identified me as “cool adult who actually appreciates Minecraft” :-)).

Mini-gwilk was very interested (and obviously a bit envious) to hear about the server I set up for the kids, so I’ve (with his parents’ permission, of course) given him the IP address so he can join the server.  He’s about Nephew #1’s age, and seems to be a good kid, so hopefully they’ll get along ok online.  I think I’ve made a friend for life, anyway – he was so excited when I offered to let him join!

When I got home tonight there was an exciting new toy waiting for me: Granny’s old sewing machine.  It’s a real beast of a machine, and was the latest whizz-bang model when she bought it.  That was probably 25-30 years ago, but that still makes it newer than the machine I’ve been using, and it definitely has a lot more features, so I’m looking forward to trying it out.  Mum inherited it when Granny died, but hasn’t been using it much, so she thought I might get more use out of it, now that I’ve been playing round with quilting and stuff.  So as some friends of hers were coming up to Christchurch for the weekend, she asked them to drop it off to me.  I haven’t had a chance to have a proper look at it yet, so I think I know what I’ll be spending a big chunk of tomorrow doing!