…and relax

I‘ve cleaned up after last night’s party, and I’ve made release notes on the books we left on the Christmas Book Tree, so that means all my “have to do” stuff is finished with for the year.  Now all there is left to do for the next three weeks is relax – I’m finally on holiday!!!

My list of Christmas-themed* books on the tree last night (there were a lot more contributed by Lytteltonwitch and Gwilk):

*Ok, some of them are a bit of a stretch to claim as Christmas-themed, but I did as best as I could with limited resources.  And we did tie them up with pretty ribbons so they looked Christmassy at least 🙂  And there are twelve of them, so there’s also a meta-theme of the Twelve Days of Christmas or something… yeah, I totally intended that. I didn’t just notice it now or anything.  Completely planned.

The return of the book tree

Lytteltonwitch and I attempted to revive our old tradition of the Christchurch Bookcrossing Christmas Party tonight – a limited success, seeing as so many people have moved away or given up on Bookcrossing, but Rarsberry (plus a mini-berry) and the Gwilks came, so it wasn’t a complete flop.  And we had some good food, and played a couple of games (supplied by the Gwilks, of course – you can always rely on them to bring a few games along to any party), and then after all had departed to get respective small people to bed, Lytteltonwitch and I revived another important Christchurch Bookcrossing traditon: the Christmas Book Tree.

Lytteltonwitch’s (in)famous little red Santa dress has been replaced by an elf suit, but otherwise the tradition is intact (complete with forgetting once again to bring a step-ladder, so being restricted to only hanging the books from the low branches that we could reach from the ground).

All is right with the world.

(Well, except for the fact that I’ve just realised it’s 5 minutes past midnight, so technically I didn’t post this on Saturday night, which means I’ve broken my posting every day streak.  But I reckon whatever the clock says, this still counts as a Saturday post, so I’m calling my streak unbroken!)