Ok, so maybe I have

Well, I managed to get through yesterday and even made it to the party in the evening (which was a lot of fun – it featured giant jenga on the lawn, and a poetry recitation by the boss), but I’m paying for it today – I don’t feel all that unwell, but I’m exhausted, in that way you get when your body is desperately trying to tell you to just slow down for a bit so it can do the whole virus-fighting stuff.

So I did.  Well, mostly.  I did start to do some housework this morning, but then got distracted by putting up the Christmas tree, and by the time I’d done that I was completely exhausted so I decided the rest of the cleaning could wait and spent the rest of the day crashed out on the couch watching DVDs.

Which has put me behind on the secret santa craft production schedule, but I reckon I can juggle things to cover the gaps (and if all else fails, there’s always junk from the Warehouse…)

Anyway, pretty picture of tree (with bonus cat).  I’ll take some better photos when I’m feeling more energetic.