That was incredibly stupid

I just got back from spending two hours at the emergency clinic, having managed to cut a lovely big slice into my finger.  The culprit was my lovely rotary fabric cutter, which I was enthusiastically wielding while starting a new sewing project, when a moment’s inattention meant that my little finger on the hand that was holding down the ruler slipped over the edge a bit just as the blade reached it.  Result, a big slice into my finger (and nail – that blade is impressively sharp), and lots and lots of blood (it’s ok though, none of it got on the craft project – that wasn’t *quite* the first thing I checked, but it was close ;-)).  There was enough blood that sticking plasters were completely ineffective, so I suspected it might need a stitch – I did have a moment’s thought of should I try and catch the bus to the hospital, but then common sense kicked in and I figured out that this is one of those times when it’s ok to call friends and ask for help.

So I rang Harvestbird (actually, I rang the Gwilks first, but then remembered they’d be at church) and she came and picked me up and took me to the 24-hour doctors at Church Corner, where I was seen by a triage nurse who put on a temporary dressing (to replace the old towel I had wrapped round my hand in an attempt not to bleed on everything), then by another nurse for a tetanus shot, then by a doctor who decided I didn’t need a stitch after all, but I did need part of my nail removed (which he did without anaesthetic – he commented as he was doing it that “this is a well-known torture technique” – thank goodness for the FutureCat family’s ridiculously high pain tolerance…) to prevent infection, and finally by yet another nurse who taped the wound together (eventually – it was still bleeding badly enough that she had to put a tourniquet on my finger to stop the blood for long enough so she could get the tape to stick down) and put a proper dressing on it.  She said it should have healed up enough in a couple of days that I can replace the dressing with just an ordinary sticking plaster, but for now that finger’s pretty much out of action – I didn’t realise how much I use my little finger when I’m typing until now…

Oh, and because it’s Sunday so I couldn’t go to my ordinary GP and had to go to the 24-hour clinic instead, it cost me $75 for the privilege.  But hopefully I should be able to get that back from ACC.

So yeah, lesson learnt: pay more attention when you’re using the rotary cutter, FutureCat.  That wonderfully sharp blade is very good at cutting through all sorts of things, not just fabric.