A parcel from Canada

I participated in TexasWren’s ornament exchange again this year, and last night when I got home my ornament was waiting for me.  But not just an ornament, it was a whole box of goodies from Herchelle in Calgary.

Parcels with proper stamps on them always seem much more exciting

On opening the box, the first thing to appear was an envelope:

And inside the envelope, a Christmas card, a postcard of Calgary, and two bookmarks

Next layer down was another box:

A box packed with all sorts of treasures

As well as the angel ornament, there was a knitted dishcloth, an enamel brooch, two glass pebbles, and some Canadian lollies (sure sign of a Commonwealth country – they have Cadbury’s :-))

But wait, there’s more! There’s still another layer left in the box:

A recipe book of Canadian Christmas recipes!

Of course, I’m feeling a bit inadequate now for the tiny parcel I sent to my ornament recipient – just two little ornaments and a card.