I made it!

Four flights, two trains, one meetup, two busses, and a car trip later, I’m in Wales, at the outlaws’ place. Trip went as smoothly as anything that long ever does, and I managed to get enough naps on the planes that after a 12-hour sleep last night I’m actually feeling reasonably human this morning.

It’s a glorious spring day here – I went out early-ish this morning for a walk to try and de-stiffen my legs, and there’s daffodils and lambs everywhere, and little flowers in the hedgerows. Britain does spring so wonderfully (oh to be in England Wales now that spring is here…). Forgot to take my camera on the walk, but I’ll go out again later and take some photos.

Ok, I feel guilty now – Mother-out-law is doing my washing for me. I’d better go and give her a hand.

4 thoughts on “I made it!

  1. the best way to go to england is alone, lots of fun, and make sure you bring underwear and prepare to be watched but its very unfriendly and the people suck, wouldn’t want to go there

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