Pretty pictures

Border complete, and metallics added:

And backstitch done:

Now all that remains is to add the date and name details in the spaces above and below the horse (though I’m also contemplating unpicking the eyes of the upper right bear and repositioning them – I put them where the pattern indicated, but I reckon he looks a bit deformed like that, so I might re-do them).

So now that project gets put aside until I know what to add, and a new project is about to begin:

Yeah, I haven’t made all that much progress yet 🙂 This project is theoretically simpler than the last, but it involved adapting a pattern, which took several hours fiddling with pencils and graph paper last night, and it’s got a definite deadline, because Niece #1 is scheduled for arrival at the end of this month. And according to the original pattern, it should take about 50 hours of stitching. So it’s going to be a challenge!

A quiet time

As in, I’ve been quiet for quite some time. My life certainly hasn’t. Most of the unquiet has been on the work front. A time of year that’s normally incredibly busy anyway has gone beyond busy to frantic, and my workload just keeps going up. Doesn’t leave a lot of energy at the end of the day for thinking up exciting things to write about.

I’m working on some strategies to get things to a more manageable state at work (as well as talking to the union about the bigger issues involved), so I’m hoping things will settle down a bit soon, but in the meantime my apologies for my lack of communication.

On a more positive note, convention preparation is steaming ahead. I can’t believe it’s next month! Rarsberry and I walked the short version of the release walk route last weekend to work out the timing and likely themed releases (which reminds me, I still haven’t typed up the notes I made – that’s the trouble with not having any nice quiet moments at work to sneak in little jobs like that), I’ve been putting together some little goodies for the goody bags that mum sent up, the potato plates (an environmentally-friendly alternative to paper plates – they’re made from potato peel (which is recycled from food production, so doesn’t kill trees) and can be composted after use instead of going into landfill) have arrived, and this weekend we’re having a sewing bee to start making the goody bags themselves. Oh, and I’ve been booking Tranzalpine tickets for bookcrossers from all over to take advantage of a special only available to NZers.

So yeah, that’s keeping me busy too. But at least it’s a fun busy 🙂

The cross-stitch project is progressing too:

Once I’ve finished the border, then there’s some metallics to add, and a bit of backstitch detailing, then it’ll be all done (well, apart from the crucial name and date stuff that’ll have to wait until we actually know what they are).

And then I can start on the other project I need to get done by May. How come everyone I know decides to pop a sprog at the same time???

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