First of Spring

Spring has finally arrived, and against all expectations it’s actually feeling quite Spring-like. The weather was mild enough today that I was able to sit outside to have my lunch, and walking home tonight the air was full of the scents of blossom. There’s even a few daffodils springing up amongst the weeds in our garden:

One thought on “First of Spring

  1. What pretty daffs! I love daffodils because they don’t really care if it’s chilly, they just stick their heads up and announce that Spring has arrived.

    Your heading in to Spring while I’m praying for Autumn. I live in a river valley that is full of oak and maple trees so the colors are so vivid, so ALIVE come mid to late October that it’s hard to believe that winter will come soon on it’s heels. I’ll post some pics in about 6 weeks of the riot of colors.

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