Countdown to Convention

The convention is getting excitingly close now. Bookcrossers are arriving in the country in droves (well, small droves), and everywhere there are signs that Bookcrossing is about to hit Dunedin in a big way. The ODT had a teaser today for a big spread on How to Bookcross that they’re running tomorrow, and I spotted the fact that Skyring had arrived in Dunedin by the fact he caught two of the books I labelled in the backpackers: The Colour of Fear and A Many-Splendoured Thing. There’s excitement in the forums, too, where rarsberry has opened the official convention thread and convention catches thread. All Bookcrossing eyes are focussed on Dunedin.

Sherlockfan arrived in Christchurch today (she’s staying with lytteltonwitch tonight, and travelling down to Dunedin with us tomorrow), so we had a meetup tonight to welcome her to the South Island (and just because we didn’t have our regular second Tuesday of the month meetup this week, due to Valentine’s Day being not a great day to try and get a group booking in a restaurant). We had a great meetup – Alithia and natecull were there too, and we were a much livelier bunch than we have been at the last few meetups – probably because we were all getting a bit excited about tomorrow.

Most of my books are packed ready to be taken to Dunedin (or released along the way), but I did take a couple along tonight: Green Hand by Lillian Beckwith (which I knew lytteltonwitch was looking for), and The Future Trap by Catherine Jinks (which I thought meerkitten might like, but she and awhina weren’t there (we got a text message from awhina to say they were busy packing), so natecull took it instead). I picked up Vast by Linda Nagata, and took The Black Corridor by Michael Moorcock and Sun’s End by Richard Lupoff (a book that’s been through my hands before) to release for natecull in Dunedin.

As I write this, wombles’s plane is probably landing just up the road at the airport, so she should be turning up on our doorstep in half an hour or so – yet another member of the Bookcrossing Convoy that will be travelling to Dunedin tomorrow (two cars driven by lytteltonwitch and Alithia and carrying me, Sherlockfan and wombles, are leaving early in the morning and picking up otakuu from Waimate on the way past, then later in the day the convoy continues (who said a convoy can’t be spread out?) with Cathytay and daveytay, and finally after school finishes in the afternoon awhina and meerkitten will follow us). The convention is nearly upon us!

For allimom

A possible solution to allimom’s maths problem:

It’s a while since I’ve done matrices, so I may have forgotten some of the symbolic conventions, but I think what you’re being asked to prove is that
is true for all values of n.

n=0 and n=1 are trivial, of course.

For n=2,

Proof by induction involves showing that an inital case is true (in this case n=2), and then saying if we assume that the equation is true for n, does it follow that it’s true for n+1. If so, then, as we know it’s true for n=2, then it must be true for n+1=3, and that means if it’s true for n=3, it must be true for n+1=4, and so on.

So, assuming the equation is true for n:

i.e. if it’s true for n, then it’s true for n+1, so if it’s true for n=2, then it’s true for all n.

As one of my maths lecturers used to say, W5! (“Which Was What Was Wanted”)

I’ve only put in the minimum of working for the matrices – probably you should expand that a bit, depending on what your instructor normally expects.

Of course, I may have totally misinterpreted the question, but at least I had fun stretching my brain this morning trying to dredge matrices and proof by induction out of the depths where they’ve been hiding all these years.

Hope this helps, allimom, and everyone else can now start reading again, the scary maths stuff is over 🙂