Oct 122019

one of the most beautiful countries i’ve visited so far. i probably drove over 1000 miles, maybe more. i had a great car, a mixed bag of weather, and ate a lot of bread, cheese (gouda), and chocolate. i had a wonderfully delicious vegan dinner in seydisfjordur (braised cabbage, a hummus and falafel medalion, and coconut pumpkin soup… so so good….

the landscape (particularly driving down the east coast) was absolutely stunning. the weather on that drive was rainy, sunny, dark grey clouds, brilliant blue skies with bright sun and one beautiful full rainbow i was lucky enough to see and photograph.

i saw minke whales off the coast of Reykjavik on a whale watching excursion, and curious grey seals swimming in jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. i hiked the area around Swartifoss in Skaftafell…

i was greeted by the many downtown Reykjavik cats. :-))

my last night was spent having a nice dinner with wine, listening to music, and then roaming the city by night while eating an ice cream cone.

it’s an old land, primitive, with a hint of magic. beautiful experience.

September 2020 – venice, italy with daytrips to verona and padua so far.

Aug 232019

i just happened to check in…and saw your message/entry. Thank you so much. didn’t know the comments weren’t working until you mentioned it and i tried to leave one for you. it’s been tough but i’m done….

who is the beautiful feline?

the difference a month makes…

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Aug 172019

i now have a masters degree. 2 1/2 years working fulltime throughout. wasn’t easy. in search of employment in my chosen field.
iceland is 2 weeks away. still no plans for what i’ll do on my birthday. but i’m thinking since i’ll be in the southern part, i may just spend time at the most famous beach in iceland: Reynisfjara and then a hot soak and a drink.
the years keep rolling by me. i think about Sue who never made it to 50. makes me sad. i’ll think about her when i’m looking at the stars…
it feels like a new chapter is beginning and an old one is closing very soon.
the right thing to do for myself. or i’ll just continue into a downward spiral.

so it goes.

2-shirt syndrome…

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Jul 122019

and the answer quietly came, walked gently into your brain to bring that aha moment… that, “well, that makes sense” confirmation.

long time coming.

you wore it like armour. as if extra fabric or black could keep it away…


what stayed was a slow growing cold anger…wrapped up tight around muscles and tendons…so stuck that a 26.2 mile run couldn’t dislodge it. a 14 hour overnight shift filled with death and blood didn’t make a dent…

10. a year of wonder. still a kid. still awkward. your heart begins to flutter at the sight of him. soft sweet crush.

you were innocent. kind. shy. pretty.

mourn for that girl. hug her in your mind. then let her grow up. let her be okay, let her have peace.

(for J. Faherty who knew before i did)

so it begins…

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Jun 082019

after two months of tai chi, therapy, meditation ala headspace app, i do feel better. i’ve taken steps backward but that’s expected. nonetheless, i’ve begun my internship at the big city library. the last 3 credits for the masters in library and information science. i just realized today that i’ll be working straight for the next 13 days. 🙁 (although working in the library is A LOT less stressful than the icu/er of a veterinary hospital). it’s only until the beginning of august…but in between, i have to work on a 15 page paper and CE for the hospital. if i survive this… i’ll have to take myself out to a swanky dinner in manhattan hopefully with Mom. the trip to Iceland with be a great reward as well for the hardship i’m about to experience. taking care of 3 cats only makes it tougher.
got another neck ultrasound and they found a hypoechoic spot 2mm x 2mm x2mm. i don’t know what to think. so, i won’t until i speak with the doc. which reminds me, why the heck do patients have to hunt down their doctors to discuss results? seriously… why send us to get tests done and not bother to contact patients regarding those results? i just can’t understand.
waiting for the second season of A Discovery of Witches to begin. read the trilogy. loved it.
alas, tomorrow begins the long-ass work week. i’ve got a beer and elton john ushering me into the night before it all starts…

ciao & meow