Sep 252020

“stood on the cliffside screaming “give me a reason”… TSwift

running up the hill turned into a two week race on a flat course, no moving forward, no moving back. we always want something happening never really getting that nothing happening is what it needs to be.

today. after dog tired days of work and still getting a work out in and steps in, and meals logged and articles read. i zipped into an armful of pants long discarded due to my fatness. no greater motivation than that today.

20 lbs down. 10 to go, may turn into 15. i want to be light as a feather, mind and soul.

i hope i never go back there.

  2 Responses to “flatland”

  1. I hope to write a blog post like this sometime in the coming year. 🙂 Good for you!!!!

    • I signed up with Noom in July. It’s been a good experience. I’m still surprised that I’ve lost this much weight. It’s tough to lose weight and we all can use as much support as we can get. May your weight loss journey be a good one. Take care.

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