Apr 242020

markup for surgical masks… why? why is there so much greed out there? folks stocking up on supplies they really don’t need tons of. i am provided an N95 mask from work that can only be used at work, so i am required to leave it in my locker. i need a mask to walk in and out of work. i can’t find any surgical masks that are reasonably priced without waiting for 3-5 week delivery.

i just don’t get it. can’t find hand sanitizer or swiffer wet wipes to mop the floor. thank god the stores are now limiting quantities for purchase of tp, cleaning supplies, paper towels, bread, milk, and water.

someone somewhere has 200 rolls of tp, 100 rolls of papertowels, 2 gallons of hand sanitizer, 1000 surgical masks, but isn’t leaving their home or apt for fear of getting covid-19. to you i say “douchy move”.

in other news, i’m dog tired. had 2 doc appts that were canceled for obvious reasons but that still need to happen eventually. hopefully before the end of this year.

been watching carpool karaoke. the episode with chris martin (lead singer of coldplay) was so wonderful. he really seems like a sweet man and his voice is really strong. i’ve since been on a coldplay listening kick. my amazon music unlimited will expire soon but i’ll get my fill until then. at one point, i really thought, naively, that coldplay was trying to be another radiohead. not true at all. i realize this now. radiohead’s “a moon shaped pool” is just so freakin’ great…god- irish, english – best music, writers, actors. some really wonderful scottish actors as well. i want to go back and visit more of england, ireland, and scotland…. want to visit the Bodleian library, stonehenge, edinburgh, sylvia plath’s grave…travel down the west coast of ireland..

i blame this on the discovery of witches series. read the books, watched the first season. awaiting the second season to begin. wonderful series. waiting to hear about high fidelity tv series on hulu.. another well made tv program. loved the movie as well. big john cusack fan…and jack black.

so what next? at this point, it’s one day at a time. tomorrow really isn’t guaranteed. today, did some CE online, had a fabulous breakfast, downloaded some e-books from nypl, cleaned one of the cats ears, and napped. i’m okay with this.

ciao for now.

  2 Responses to “1000%…”

  1. John Cusack? I’m gonna look that up! I love his films.

    I went to the store today and saw this long empty paper products section with a few odd and lonely looking items on it. I didn’t NEED any of that stuff, so it didn’t bother me. And frankly if it comes down to it, I’ll use a warm washcloth and throw it in the washing machine. Seems pretty simple don’t you think? 🙂

    • i usually only buy 2 tp at a time, limited storage.
      and yes, a washcloth works just as well. i’ve loved cusack ever since “one crazy summer” classic… and that scene with godzilla…hilarious

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