Apr 092020

so this year, i had been planning and actually booked three lodgings: in padua, verona and ravenna, and would end up in venice. but, after much thought, back in january i realized that it wouldn’t be a good idea financially, especially since i wasn’t sure if i’d still be working at the hospital (got a master’s in library science so i’ve got two careers!). so, i canceled the bookings right before the shitshow that is covid-19 hit the states. i really hope to go next year. but i’m pretty sad about it.

finally off for three days from work. not only are we dealing with masks at all time, but i also had to man the isolation ward. lots of call outs, some very sick folk, some show no signs but are positive, most are fearful but the majority of docs and support staff show up and do the best they can for people who continue to come with emergencies, appointments, and scheduled procedures.

i’ve given up on the subway. that is another shit-show on so many levels but a way longer commute home sealed the deal to buy parking and drive to work. i’ll be participating in the brooklyn parking search & hope fiasco every night but it’s worth it time/mental health-wise. i seriously am having a love/hate relationship with this dear pain in the ass city.

i was born here. have lived in brooklyn, manhattan, and the bronx. went to college here. moved away for 6 years, came back and will probably retire here. if not here, i really want it to be somewhere in europe so i can visit all the places i missed. i can’t see myself moving south or west.

all in all, i can not really complain at this point. got a job, a roof i can afford, and access to food/entertainment etc. pretty damned lucky. some folks are kind of upset that we are an “essential” business but seriously, the amount of folks applying for unemployment benefits is crazy… if i get that stimulus check.. it’s going into an emergency fund for the cats. those lazy bums are sleeping as i write this.

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  1. COVID-19 has upset the apple cart here as well. That is all I hear about on TV these days. It works well to watch TV shows that are marathons, movies on Hulu, Netflix, and TV programs on the Roku channel. That is when I find internet surfing entertaining. COVID-19 has also disrupted my life, as well. I can only go to dialysis and back. I miss getting outside to run errands. I. feel for you about canceling plans as well. Lots of canceled plans as well here. COVID-19 has run amuck, and it will go away in time.

    • Sheesh, ksmiley, please take care and be safe. I actually canceled the trip for financial reasons, but I know that at some point I will see Venice. At this point, I’m pretty busy on my days off getting CE credits to renew my licensure (Vet Tech). I am also considered “essential” so, I’m still working. Thank God. Please stay safe and well ksmiley.

      • I am doing EVERYTHING possible to stay safe. Being socially distant from others is something I do on my own so it is not new. I do not want to be part of any clique. I have associations at dialysis, have someone coming here to work with me every day, and I do not mind not having a lot of company nowadays. I have been hurt badly, emotionally, two years ago, that has had me stop being part of groups outside of gatherings at church. The only thing that COVID-19 scares me is the fact that I am at a higher risk due to kidney disease after 32 years since my first kidney transplant — thanks to my Mom who is now 76 years old. That is why I am doing EVERYTHING to stay safe.

        • I hear you. I enjoy my solitude – love to spend my time reading… I am glad to hear you are minding your health. Be well.

  2. “Shit show” That just about sums it up eh??? 🙂 Cats. They really have humans trained well don’t they? Heh heh….

    • shit-show is a term commonly used in vet medicine that can be literal or figurative. one of my favorite terms to use… that and hot-mess. i’ve resigned myself to the fact that the cats allow me to live with them…

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