Apr 082020

bleak. it’s looking pretty bleak out there in this dirty, crazy, wonderfully nuts city. nyc. we are holding up but we are taking one hellava beating. sirens. day and night. sirens and birds. i was home for two weeks feeling like shit. started with a cough and a sore throat. stayed home for fear of passing anything onto my fellow coworkers. back to work this week and feeling alot better. been listening to lots of music. downloaded some radiohead and some other fun stuff….music is really great therapy.

binge watched High Fidelity on Hulu and boy, my favorite character is Cherise (Jack Black’s character in the movie). her entrance in the first episode was absolutely delightful and i don’t really use that word ever. it encouraged me to go ahead and download that guilty pleasure that is Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Come On Eileen”. the tv show also introduced me to Silk Rhodes (fab!!) and Ann Peebles (oh so good). and the music kick just kept going, downloaded Paul Simon’s Graceland because it is so freaking great and i needed to hear such god gifting harmony by Ladysmith Black Mambazo… it is grounding, spiritual, full of hope and grace.

what we need now. hope and grace and kindness. i hear the sirens in the morning along with the birds. i see masked faces and the cherry blossoms in full bloom. i see desolate streets and plump tulip heads surrounding trees that are sprouting green shiny leaves faces to the sun.

the bad of it is obvious.

the good? we are spending more time with our children, our pets, each other. we are reading, writing, cooking meals, catching up on those hobbies or with old friends. as a very old and dear friend said when i checked in with him via message (he’s in cali, i’m in ny)

“if we think we’re gonna make it, we better hang on to ourselves” david bowie

and he continues with: “nothing like something unseen to help us see ourselves more clearly” david br.

truth my friend truth.

stay strong, be kind, help out when you can.

  3 Responses to “hard day’s night…”

  1. Welcome back franny!! It’s great to see you here again!

  2. It’s been quite a paradigm shifting thing for all of us. I’m glad you are well…..

  3. Hi good to read your blog and know you are doing well in New York lots of people there suffering glad you are safe and healthy be careful and stay safe 😎😷

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