Apr 242020

markup for surgical masks… why? why is there so much greed out there? folks stocking up on supplies they really don’t need tons of. i am provided an N95 mask from work that can only be used at work, so i am required to leave it in my locker. i need a mask to walk in and out of work. i can’t find any surgical masks that are reasonably priced without waiting for 3-5 week delivery.

i just don’t get it. can’t find hand sanitizer or swiffer wet wipes to mop the floor. thank god the stores are now limiting quantities for purchase of tp, cleaning supplies, paper towels, bread, milk, and water.

someone somewhere has 200 rolls of tp, 100 rolls of papertowels, 2 gallons of hand sanitizer, 1000 surgical masks, but isn’t leaving their home or apt for fear of getting covid-19. to you i say “douchy move”.

in other news, i’m dog tired. had 2 doc appts that were canceled for obvious reasons but that still need to happen eventually. hopefully before the end of this year.

been watching carpool karaoke. the episode with chris martin (lead singer of coldplay) was so wonderful. he really seems like a sweet man and his voice is really strong. i’ve since been on a coldplay listening kick. my amazon music unlimited will expire soon but i’ll get my fill until then. at one point, i really thought, naively, that coldplay was trying to be another radiohead. not true at all. i realize this now. radiohead’s “a moon shaped pool” is just so freakin’ great…god- irish, english – best music, writers, actors. some really wonderful scottish actors as well. i want to go back and visit more of england, ireland, and scotland…. want to visit the Bodleian library, stonehenge, edinburgh, sylvia plath’s grave…travel down the west coast of ireland..

i blame this on the discovery of witches series. read the books, watched the first season. awaiting the second season to begin. wonderful series. waiting to hear about high fidelity tv series on hulu.. another well made tv program. loved the movie as well. big john cusack fan…and jack black.

so what next? at this point, it’s one day at a time. tomorrow really isn’t guaranteed. today, did some CE online, had a fabulous breakfast, downloaded some e-books from nypl, cleaned one of the cats ears, and napped. i’m okay with this.

ciao for now.

Apr 092020

so this year, i had been planning and actually booked three lodgings: in padua, verona and ravenna, and would end up in venice. but, after much thought, back in january i realized that it wouldn’t be a good idea financially, especially since i wasn’t sure if i’d still be working at the hospital (got a master’s in library science so i’ve got two careers!). so, i canceled the bookings right before the shitshow that is covid-19 hit the states. i really hope to go next year. but i’m pretty sad about it.

finally off for three days from work. not only are we dealing with masks at all time, but i also had to man the isolation ward. lots of call outs, some very sick folk, some show no signs but are positive, most are fearful but the majority of docs and support staff show up and do the best they can for people who continue to come with emergencies, appointments, and scheduled procedures.

i’ve given up on the subway. that is another shit-show on so many levels but a way longer commute home sealed the deal to buy parking and drive to work. i’ll be participating in the brooklyn parking search & hope fiasco every night but it’s worth it time/mental health-wise. i seriously am having a love/hate relationship with this dear pain in the ass city.

i was born here. have lived in brooklyn, manhattan, and the bronx. went to college here. moved away for 6 years, came back and will probably retire here. if not here, i really want it to be somewhere in europe so i can visit all the places i missed. i can’t see myself moving south or west.

all in all, i can not really complain at this point. got a job, a roof i can afford, and access to food/entertainment etc. pretty damned lucky. some folks are kind of upset that we are an “essential” business but seriously, the amount of folks applying for unemployment benefits is crazy… if i get that stimulus check.. it’s going into an emergency fund for the cats. those lazy bums are sleeping as i write this.

Apr 082020

bleak. it’s looking pretty bleak out there in this dirty, crazy, wonderfully nuts city. nyc. we are holding up but we are taking one hellava beating. sirens. day and night. sirens and birds. i was home for two weeks feeling like shit. started with a cough and a sore throat. stayed home for fear of passing anything onto my fellow coworkers. back to work this week and feeling alot better. been listening to lots of music. downloaded some radiohead and some other fun stuff….music is really great therapy.

binge watched High Fidelity on Hulu and boy, my favorite character is Cherise (Jack Black’s character in the movie). her entrance in the first episode was absolutely delightful and i don’t really use that word ever. it encouraged me to go ahead and download that guilty pleasure that is Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Come On Eileen”. the tv show also introduced me to Silk Rhodes (fab!!) and Ann Peebles (oh so good). and the music kick just kept going, downloaded Paul Simon’s Graceland because it is so freaking great and i needed to hear such god gifting harmony by Ladysmith Black Mambazo… it is grounding, spiritual, full of hope and grace.

what we need now. hope and grace and kindness. i hear the sirens in the morning along with the birds. i see masked faces and the cherry blossoms in full bloom. i see desolate streets and plump tulip heads surrounding trees that are sprouting green shiny leaves faces to the sun.

the bad of it is obvious.

the good? we are spending more time with our children, our pets, each other. we are reading, writing, cooking meals, catching up on those hobbies or with old friends. as a very old and dear friend said when i checked in with him via message (he’s in cali, i’m in ny)

“if we think we’re gonna make it, we better hang on to ourselves” david bowie

and he continues with: “nothing like something unseen to help us see ourselves more clearly” david br.

truth my friend truth.

stay strong, be kind, help out when you can.