Oct 122019

one of the most beautiful countries i’ve visited so far. i probably drove over 1000 miles, maybe more. i had a great car, a mixed bag of weather, and ate a lot of bread, cheese (gouda), and chocolate. i had a wonderfully delicious vegan dinner in seydisfjordur (braised cabbage, a hummus and falafel medalion, and coconut pumpkin soup… so so good….

the landscape (particularly driving down the east coast) was absolutely stunning. the weather on that drive was rainy, sunny, dark grey clouds, brilliant blue skies with bright sun and one beautiful full rainbow i was lucky enough to see and photograph.

i saw minke whales off the coast of Reykjavik on a whale watching excursion, and curious grey seals swimming in jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. i hiked the area around Swartifoss in Skaftafell…

i was greeted by the many downtown Reykjavik cats. :-))

my last night was spent having a nice dinner with wine, listening to music, and then roaming the city by night while eating an ice cream cone.

it’s an old land, primitive, with a hint of magic. beautiful experience.

September 2020 – venice, italy with daytrips to verona and padua so far.

  2 Responses to “Iceland cometh, leaveth, and it was…”

  1. I follow 2 people online who travel a lot and both went to Iceland this year and shared a lot of footage on youtube, both loved it also and I can just feel it in your writing they way they felt about it and watching them when they were there.

  2. Was there ever any blue like the blue of the inlets and bays?

    You should have been there for peak aurora time. I still dream of those.

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