Aug 232019

i just happened to check in…and saw your message/entry. Thank you so much. didn’t know the comments weren’t working until you mentioned it and i tried to leave one for you. it’s been tough but i’m done….

who is the beautiful feline?

  One Response to “for Salamander :-))”

  1. Oh happy day. It’s been a terrible month but at least it’s ending on a higher note than I expected. Comments are back!!!!!

    You probably saw my entry responding to you, but the beautiful cat was Lyta Alexander, last November. I lost her a few weeks ago. First George, then Jutta, then Midnight, then Selkie, now Lyta. Daisy has intestinal lymphoma – I’m treating her with Leukeran with some success, but she’s still starting to fail. I’m so tired of saying final good-byes.

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