Jul 122019

and the answer quietly came, walked gently into your brain to bring that aha moment… that, “well, that makes sense” confirmation.

long time coming.

you wore it like armour. as if extra fabric or black could keep it away…


what stayed was a slow growing cold anger…wrapped up tight around muscles and tendons…so stuck that a 26.2 mile run couldn’t dislodge it. a 14 hour overnight shift filled with death and blood didn’t make a dent…

10. a year of wonder. still a kid. still awkward. your heart begins to flutter at the sight of him. soft sweet crush.

you were innocent. kind. shy. pretty.

mourn for that girl. hug her in your mind. then let her grow up. let her be okay, let her have peace.

(for J. Faherty who knew before i did)

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