so it begins…

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Jun 082019

after two months of tai chi, therapy, meditation ala headspace app, i do feel better. i’ve taken steps backward but that’s expected. nonetheless, i’ve begun my internship at the big city library. the last 3 credits for the masters in library and information science. i just realized today that i’ll be working straight for the next 13 days. 🙁 (although working in the library is A LOT less stressful than the icu/er of a veterinary hospital). it’s only until the beginning of august…but in between, i have to work on a 15 page paper and CE for the hospital. if i survive this… i’ll have to take myself out to a swanky dinner in manhattan hopefully with Mom. the trip to Iceland with be a great reward as well for the hardship i’m about to experience. taking care of 3 cats only makes it tougher.
got another neck ultrasound and they found a hypoechoic spot 2mm x 2mm x2mm. i don’t know what to think. so, i won’t until i speak with the doc. which reminds me, why the heck do patients have to hunt down their doctors to discuss results? seriously… why send us to get tests done and not bother to contact patients regarding those results? i just can’t understand.
waiting for the second season of A Discovery of Witches to begin. read the trilogy. loved it.
alas, tomorrow begins the long-ass work week. i’ve got a beer and elton john ushering me into the night before it all starts…

ciao & meow