Feb 072019

planning has begun for the yearly excursion overseas. Iceland it is. although, i’m pretty enamoured with the tv series A Discovery of Witches so much that i really want ot visit Oxford and travel through the French countryside and float on the numerous canals in Venice…

but, Iceland it is. so far, i will spend 2 nights in 5 villages along the Ring Road and a few night in the capital (and plan to drive the Golden Circle). i’ve got the car rental and all lodgings booked. waiting to buy my plane ticket, airport parking spot, and cat care…which promises to be expensive.

so i planned my travel days to include the new moon phases so that i can see the milky way and stargaze. i was going to bring my telescope but i had trouble with security coming back from utah so i can only imagine what a pain in the ass it’ll be getting through jfk from abroad. so, i may buy a pair of binoculars for stargazing. i’ve made a list of what to bring (clothes-wise) since everything i’ve read points to unpredictable weather. this will probably be the most expensive trip i’ve taken. it will also be a trip that will have experiencing a wild and natural land as its main attraction.
one of the towns i’ll be staying in is Husavik (excellent for whale watching). i’m pretty excited to drive and see and have already begun getting my road trip playlist together. i was a little worried about food but found a great app that lists eateries and restaurants that offer vegetarian and vegan fare.

and so the countdown begins…

the new workplace has been an extraordinary challenge for me. those folks are the top of the top. i’m a little fish swimming amongst the most talented and intelligent sharks in the field. i’ve managed to stay alive for 7 months now. soon, however, once i start and finish my internship, i’ll be heading towards a less stressful, albeit, equally challenging field.

onward and forward.

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