so it goes…

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Apr 052018

well. iceland is off this year. maybe 2019.

took vacation time to be with Mom who had a cerebral angiogram and coil placed in the ever growing aneurysm in her head. it was way more important than vacation time.

yesterday, saw my doc. the neck ultrasound report stated there was a growth on one of my lymph nodes. docs not worried…

i will be in search of a second opinion.

because, for fucks sake, i had thyroid cancer. not crazy about this doc.
so, in the midst of a heavy load of school work that is due at the end of this month, and a job that is slowly killing my soul because i don’t want to have to become euth certified…
my life is killing me.
two bottles of wine
some chocolate
a viewing of daniel day lewis movie (preferabley the last of the mohicans…)
and if i smoked pot, i would be doing that too…
of course, in tries to enter via messaging a long lost love from way back when i was 18!!! haven’t heard from him since 1996? can’t even remember…

i don’t have time to reconnect. i am not in a good place right now to catch up…

his message after all of these years?
“do you want to go to the bowie exhibit?”

i’ve debated what i’d answer:
-what the fuck makes you think i haven’t gone already?
-who the heck are you?
-please, do you know who you’re speaking too? did you ever?
-sure. pick me up at 10am

btw. i did go to the exhibit. it was at the Brooklyn Museum. i sprung for the special ziggy stardust ticket $85 (by paying for a membership) and got a great little aladdin sane bag and the coffee table book of the exhibit. since i’m a member, i’m going again for free in july because i loved david bowie and his work. and yes, i sang along to space oddity in italian while i waited on line for my goody bag. he was pure genius.
so, back to the 40 annotated bibliographies i have to write
the 30+ children’s books i have to read and evaluate
etc etc etc

but first things first…where’s that wine glass.

“La mia mente ha presol il volo
Un pensiero uno solo
Io cammino mentre dorme la citta’”