Dec 072017

i think it’s going to be Iceland next sept. i think i’m going to go airbnb, rent a car, and bring my telescope. i hope to see the northern lights even though i’ve seen them once way back in the day while at sodus point…

sodus point. brings back memories of t with his glossy curls and the most beautiful blue eyes i’ve ever seen…

anyhow. one more week of school and i head right into another class for winter session… wtf am i thinking? then it’s 2 more classes for spring. and i’ll be 9 credits shy of getting the ole!
iceland…back to iceland. i want to stay in a more rustic setting. i want to see the land. worried about what i’ll eat over there, don’t eat fish.
sad to say but even though iceland is on the list of countries to visit, i had wanted to visit greece. alas, being an american will make it suck traveling abroad. maybe in the future…
will begin planning. not sure how long to stay, i guess it’ll depend on funds and time.
will i drive the ring? it’d be too much planning/arranging lodgings in different cities. but it sure would be very awesome to drive around the country and photograph the beauty that i know is there.

finally got to the doc. bloodwork is normal, no diabetes…in fact, the nurse checked my bg since i was afraid my A1C was climbing and the glucometer read 66! and after only a few hours of having had a good breakfast.
she promptly went in search of something for me to consume fearing i’d pass out any second. i felt fine. nonetheless, she came back to the reception area with a box of chocolates. 🙂 okay.

now, to deal with the CT and ultrasound, and an invasive, not nice test the doc recommends since i’m in my 50’s. crap.

have to schedule that CT soon, the sooner answers are found the better. i’m so tired though.

need to get in shape. need to eat better, need to destress more. spinning bike helps, but the schoolwork is tougher to get done since i have less days off from work and now i’m trying to fit dr. appts in.

12 am. am 9 pages into a 10-15 page paper due next week. theses days, i can write a 10 page paper in a day.
been listening to alot of patti smith and REM.