now and again…

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Jun 172016

soon. i’ll be on a plane heading east, to the city of lights. looking forward to it now…it’s getting close. only 2 more french classes left but i’m confident i’ll be able to communicate at the very least, be able to get myself around and understand a little. knowing spanish has helped. i’ve added some daytrips while in paris: versailles and chartres. while in the normandy area, i’ll be visiting rouen, st. michel, and maybe caen. it’d be cool to see the cliffs of dover since i missed them while in london. anyhow, i’m a little nervous about driving around normandy but it seemed like the only option (timewise) since i’ll only be there for 4 nights…and public transportation is not very good according to what i’ve read about getting around. i’ve added a day trip while in amsterdam as well: haarlam…i’ve always liked Franz Hals, it’d be cool to visit delft too…but heck, the MET has more Vermeer than Amsterdam does.. we’ll see.
this will most likely be the last trip abroad for a couple of years. next spring i hope to go back to school. it’s a little amazing to think i’ve been working in the veterinary medicine field for 10 years. the years are flying by…scary. i’m getting ready for a new adventure. this is a demanding field that is tough on the body and heart. too tough…especially as i age. i’m ready for a less physically demanding job…
still on the bucket list:
learn to play drums
learn to skull
take a creative writing class
take a painting or drawing class
maybe continue with french classes
currently listening to: radiohead’s new album “moon shaped pool”
currently reading: nothing
currently trying to get over being sick with a nasty cold for 3 weeks!
the bowie tribute concert at radiocity was pretty awesome
prince dying of an opiod overdose sucks.
last huge purchase: spinning bike-easy on the joints…

what have you been up to?