Aug 042015

one month before the big trip. new shift begins tomorrow…no more overnights. my body and brain can’t take the stress and oddness of working off hours and sleeping in the day. i have a sneaking suspicion that it contributed to thyroid problems. alas, got a clean bill of health, no cancer noted in the neck or surrounding lymph tissue.

wasn’t really worried. even when diagnosed. even heading to the surgery. just wanted the damned thing out so that i could continue planning the trip to madrid and barcelona. still have to wonder why i really didn’t stress over having been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

whatever. will say that the surgeon did an awesome job, the incision site looks great!

this may be the last time i travel abroad for a bit…may go back to school. one big hurdle will be $$$. if i really want to, i will find a way.

beautiful day today, lazed around reading, then went for a walk along the water.. took my basketball along. shot some hoops. ran through the frog sprinklers. rested on a park bench. 🙂 tomorrow begins a 5 day work week, picked up some extra shifts for extra $$ for my trip. big plans to bring back some awesome Scotch whiskey, among other things.