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Jun 202015

ringworm (check)
car wreck (check)
brother/divorce (check)
work crap (check)
body out of whack (check)
midlife crisis (check)

i have to laugh. i mean really… the god’s must be laughing their asses off, saying “here, have another…”..

regardless, i will go on vacation, even if i have to sell a kidney. i am going…i want to be in Dublin on my 50th having a pint. i will end my trip having a stiff shot of scotch…

what do you do at age 50 anyway? i mean, how am i supposed to dress? what am i supposed to listen to, read, watch? ’cause right now, i’m listening to the Pixies…
and i’m reading the Outlander books, and i’m watching ROME. i’m wearing flourescent blue BK Swiss sneaks and shooting hoops, and crashing my car and drinking really good wine from South Africa and eating really good Italian semolina bread and pretty much saying to 50, “fuck you”.

i’ve a few months left of 49 and i have to say to my 40’s, “you kind of sucked”.
you ran me threw the wringer. but i did get to tackle some bucket list items, like learn to drive, finish school, get my licensure, work in my field, move back to nyc, take a dance class, travel to Italy…

i added Spain and now Ireland, England, Scotland… 😉 traveling solo.

tackle more stuff from the bucket list:
-learn to play drums
-go back to school
-take a creative writing class

can’t think of anything else right now… but i know that any type of sport or physical activity more strenuous than shooting hoops or weight training/cardio at the gym will be out of the question…my body don’t do that no more…and i would like to keep my original knees for as long as possible.
tomorrow is father’s day. miss Dad. i sincerely hope he is at peace and having a blast wherever his soul is..because i don’t think the big man upstairs would make him stay in one place… i’m hoping he’s gone around the world, at least a few times.
currently listening to: Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughn
reading: Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon (love me some Jamie and Murtagh)
still writing at: deardiary because i love the starry starry night.