Aug 092014

almost..just have to hold on for another 3 1/2 weeks and i’m home free, on a plane to Barcelona…

still planning my days in Madrid, but i’ve got Barcelona all set. hopefully, all goes well, a little worried about getting on a plane at this point since the world has gone wacky. but i’m not worried enough not to go. gotta live life. and this will only be my second trip to Europe.

it’s currently 9:43pm and i should really hit the sack so i can get an early start tomorrow… will hit the gym and then it’s sleep time again until work in the evening.

kind of strange to still be writing here. i often visit just to re-read all stuff i’ve written. it’s actually a good record of my years in philly. all my work experiences and school experiences. it’s also a good record of all the heartache and crap i went through while in philly.

ah, well, still wondering how Salamander is doing and Moonman, Lilith, Slipperman, Sezrah, Greensparkles… all come and gone…


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