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Jan 172014

been awhile. still living and working in nyc. plans for this coming year include saving up to go to spain-madrid and barcelona. very excited about it since it’ll be a lot better knowing the language. lots of art to see.. love goya and picasso. also plan on visiting as many churches as I can. then there is the business of learning to play drums. that’s been on my bucket list for a while now. I’d also like to take a flamenco class and a creative writing class.

after spain, I’d like to go to paris. for the next twp years I plan on spending my birthday abroad. paris, if I make it, I will turn 50. crazy. that I’m that old. never thought I’d get to 50…I turned 48 in Florence. i’ll turn 49 in barcelona. the best birthday gifts I’ve ever gotten for myself…

bought a denon receiver today. my old one still’s over 25 years old and still works well and is still in great condition as are my speakers. just wanted something that will allow me to plug in my iPhone and iPod. didn’t want to buy a docking station.. I want good sound.

Friday night and it’s been one heck of a work week. glad it’s over.
work is going well though, so I’m grateful for that.

the city is still cold and hard. still, don’t see myself living anywhere else. I like my apartment, I like my neighborhood.

ciao for now.