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Jul 242013

another one bites the dust…

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Jul 202013

i can’t seem to find the entry i wrote regarding the list of goals… i know that i’ve crossed off a few:
All crossed off:
learning to drive
buying a car
finishing school
getting my license (vet tech)
moving to nyc
run a marathon
take a dance class

about to be crossed off:
travel to Italy

i have finally bit the bullet and made plans. this fall i will be traveling to Rome and Florence… am very very excited about it. plane ticket bought, lodgings secured. 😉 can you say, “buongiorno?)

next on the list for 2014:
learn to play drums
take a creative writing class
go back to get a masters… in library science so that i can push young folk to take advantage of all that libraries have to offer….perhaps be a school librarian!

it’s been a while since i’ve written here. busy living. i’m currently in brooklyn ny and working with animals (stressful but rewarding). been living and working in nyc since 2006. been in brooklyn since 2007. met many folks along the way. met up with old friends (some transplanted back to nyc, others visiting from california).
nyc is tough. but i guess everyone knows this.

still here kicking it. saving up my calories for Italian cuisine and my brain for all of the amazing art of Bernini, Leonardo, Caravaggio, Michelangelo…


ps. Salamander, wherever you are, hope you are okay.