Oct 282011

early thurs morning i drove up north to visit Mom. left early in the am to avoid stupid traffic…(no chance of that). wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be though… it was rainy and cool. ran a car errand and was basically stunned by the estimate i was presented with. need to save some serious moolah to get this stuff taken care of… did get other work done though. ran some errands with Mom. saw sister. was very good to hang with Mom. i wish i could live closer. as always, she asks what i’d like for dinner…as always, i say whatever. she loves to have her kids in the house to cook for. i had decided to leave very very late or very very early morning… at 2am, so that i could avoid all of traffic jams caused by construction on the GW bridge (which btw, has a toll that was increased from $8 to $12) and also the construction on the Brooklyn bridge and detours getting to the bridge/and to 278 from the bridge. less traffic actually makes it easier to NOT miss the right detour (there are two getting off of the Brooklyn bridge).

the best part (besides visiting with Mom and sis) was driving south on the palisades parkway…i did the speed limit which is 50mph and everything was dark (no lights except for car lights that were few and far between) and the deer were out and the sky was absolutely breathtaking…a clear sky full of stars. but the closer i got to the big bad city, the less i was able to see the stars.

thought alot during the day about life. how my life is turning out. my job, if i’m happy with what i do for a living, how surprised i am at how i’m dealing with aging, my single-ness…what the future holds.

spent the day reading, eating, and sleeping. it looked like it was a gorgeous day but i was tired and i wanted to just read and rest. and so i did.

it’s about 1:30am and i’m trying to stay on schedule so that i won’t be so tired at work tonight.

Oct 182011

long and, at times, sad work week…i finished the third 12 hour shift this morning, came home and found this clip on hulu. i needed a good laugh…